LGD-4033 (Ligandrol) 20mg/ml


LGD-4033 otherwise known as Ligandrol is a SARM. It is one of the strongest SARMs available and is used regularly by individuals due to its drastic increase of anabolic muscle building.


LGD-4033, or Ligandrol, is a powerful androgen receptor modulator that appears to offer numerous benefits. One study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology found that LGD-4033 led to significant improvements in lean body mass and muscle strength among cancer patients with muscle wasting. It may potentially lead to increased lean muscle mass, muscle strength and may help improve bone density. It also shows promise in the reduction of fat, increasing metabolic activity and may even help maintain muscle mass during a calorie-restricted diet.

LGD-4033 may improve endurance, reduce fatigue, and enhance cardiovascular performance, theoretically improving overall performance. Additionally, research shows it could enhance recovery after physical activity, increase protein synthesis and nitrogen retention, and improve muscle hardness.

30ml Vial


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